System technology

Wöhr GmbH

More than assembly production according to customer specifications!

Qualified employees develop and produce in short time special electronic
assemblies, devices or systems tailored to their needs. The decisive factor
here is the targeted combination of the individual single components enclosure /
mechanics, keyboard, electronics and controller as well as surface technology
and printing.

Decades of experience as well as the certification in the medical sector allow us
providing you hygienic antimicrobial input- and displaysystems for the medical
and pharmaceutical industry. Therefore we develop and produce according to the
strict requirements of EN ISO 13485 (medicine).

Before the production we will do an example construction in consultation with the construction department. This is based on the optimization of the production processes for successful series production.

Especially in the cost-effective modification of standard components as well as
developing and producing complete devices we are a sought-after partner based on
our high production depth. The production areas of our house work hand in hand
what friction losses and delays - for example with several suppliers / contract manufacturers- avoids.

Our range of services:

- touch installation
- display montage
- software installation
- complete wiring and labelling
- EMB-Boards installation
- connection of peripheral equipment
- to industry requirements geared core structure e.g.
  hygienics right, MPG-conform, EMC-compliant

In addition we offer:

- testing of IP-protection class                     - test of chemical resistance
- EMC-tests                                                - shock-/vibration tests
- CE-certification                                        - endurance tests
- compliation of handbooks/documentation   - logistics concepts
- climatic change tests                                - What else do you need?

We have an own clean room of 160m²
We have an own clean room of 160m²
series assembly
Series assembly
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